Duration         : 4 Days (5 hrs daily)

Software used  :  Oracle Primavera P6

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Primavera P6 is a powerful project management tool for managing complex projects. Primavera is used by several multinationals and  Oil & Gas companies, it is also recommended for project managers, planners, document controllers, site engineers, supervisors, engineers, maintenance crew, shutdown projects, construction companies and PM consultants.


Our Primavera traning course is designed to teach participants how to apply Primavera P6 in Project Management, Planning, Scheduling and Control. Trainees will learn to creat & manage large engineering projects with over thousands of activities/task and resource assignment. Learn Critical Path Method Scheduling, Best Practices and important Project Controls processes.

The Course is loaded with 3 different hands-on projects to be created by trainees during the training to reinforce the concepts taught. Participants will also Earn a Certificate by successfully completing this course and the included Projects.

Primavera Training Outline

Chapter 1: Navigation

• Primavera P6 overview

• introduction to Primavera P6

• Logging In

• Dashboards, Portfolios, Projects and Resources Tabs

• Project Workspaces

• Navigating the Project Pages

Chapter 2: Project Structures

• Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)

• Modifying the EPS

• Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)

Chapter 3: Project Creation

• Project creation overview

• Project Calendars

• Working with calendars

• Creating a new project

Chapter 4: The Work Breakdown Structure

• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) overview

• Defining a WBS

• Modifying the WBS

Chapter 5: Adding Activities

• Activities overview

• Describing an Activity and its attributes

• Working with Activity Types

• Adding Activities

• Understanding Duration Types

• Assigning Activity Codes

Chapter 6: Relationships and Constraints

• Relationships overview

• Relationship Types

• Creating Relationships

• Performing a Forward and Backward Pass

• Apply a Constraint to an Activity

• Critical Path Method

• Modifying the Project Duration

Chapter 7: Formatting Project Data

• Formatting overview

• Grouping

• Sorting

• Filtering

Chapter 8: Roles and Resources

• Resources and Roles overview

• Describing Roles and Resources

• Assigning Roles to an Activity

• Assign Rates on Roles

• Assigning Resources

• Analyzing Resource Assignments

Chapter 9: Analysis, Risks and Issues

• Analysis overview

• Working with Check Schedule

• Adjusting the Project Schedule

• Analyzing Resource Availability

• Entering Risks

• Entering Issues

Chapter 10: Baselines

• Baselines overview

• Creating a baseline

• Working with baselines

Chapter 11: Progressing the Project

• Project execution overview

• Status update methods

• Using Progress Spotlight

• Progressing activity status

• Rescheduling the Project

Chapter 12 - Printing, Publishing, Importing & Exporting

• Printing and Print Preview

• Publishing Activities

• Export and Importing