Duration                       : 5 Days (5 hrs daily)

Software used  :           Staad- Pro V8i



STAAD.Pro Training course objective is to introduce the student to basic methods of Computer aided structural analysis and design of structural components. It will enable participants to analyze and design complex structures using the software tool -Staad.Pro and validate the design for safety in all aspects

Skills Taught

  • Modeling structure geometry
  • Assigning properties to structural elements
  • Generating Loads
  • Analyzing the model

Post Processing
Staad-Pro Training Content

Structural Engineering concepts
    Classification of structures
    Overview of structural analysis and design
    About Staad.Pro interface
    Unit Systems
    Structure Geometry and Coordinate Systems
    Generation of Joints and Members
    Advanced modeling methods – Joints and members
    Assigning material constants, member properties,
    Defining loads to structural elements
    Types of Analysis
    Methods of Analysis
    Performing analysis of structure
    Generating preprocessor, post processor information
    Generating statistical report
    Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering
    Defining elements in structure
    Assigning element properties
    Element creation using Staad.Pro Editor
    Defining loads for elements
    Introduction to design principles in practice
    Performing R.C. Design on structure
    Design on Columns, beams and slabs
    Performing steel design on structure
    Steel optimization method in design
    Performing component design for structures
    Exporting and importing file to AutoCAD
    Custom animation of structural geometry
    Customizing and configuring Staad.Pro

In this course, you will generate model geometry, assign properties to structural elements, and perform an analysis. Live training courses are very interactive. Students will continually engage with the instructor to ensure a successful learning outcome that includes a course assessment.