Caesar II

Duration           : 8 Days (5 hrs daily)

Software used  :  InterGraph CAESAR II

FEES :Please contact us

Training Scope : This Training covers proper piping system modeling guidelines, methods of static and dynamic analysis of piping systems, evaluation of system designs, and effective approaches to system redesign in compliance with standard piping codes. The presentation is based on hands-on solution of example problems in order to illustrate the use of CAESAR. No previous experience in the use of CAESAR is required, but some background in pipe stress analysis is desirable. A discussion/question/answer format is also employed in order to maximize retention of course material and theoretical concepts. Persons attending the training should expect to leave the course with a working knowledge of CAESAR II, and pipe flexibility.

Topics Covered Includes

* Basic piping components and assumptions; element assembly
* Code compliance requirements
* Spring Hanger design
* Pipe supports (linear vs. non-linear)
* Stress Intensification Factors
* Introduction to expansion joints
* Cold Spring effects
* Basic dynamics theory
* Harmonic analysis
* Eigen solutions
* Seismic analysis

Who Can Participate?

 Engineers in the piping design and analysis field;
practicing piping engineers requiring background on Code compliance and trends in piping design, analysis and fabrication
 Existing and prospective CAESAR users

What’s In It For You?

 • Delegates will learn to analyze problems that, until now, had to be set outside the company to "specialists".
 • Save time by learning to solve potential pipe stress problems more accurately and more quickly.
• Save company money by helping keep more jobs in-house, provide more accurate cost estimates, and save future re-designs by having a better system from inception.
• Your company will gain that competitive edge it needs in today's marketplace.



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