Duration                : 4 Days (5 hrs daily)

Software used     :CSC Orion 16 &18

 Orion CONCRETE Structural Software is ideal structural software for those involved extensively in the design of reinforced Concrete Building Structures. Imagine the speed of modeling, loadings, analysis and designs for such repetitive structures, and most importantly, for output of Drawings, Building Quantities and Costs.

It has 2D/3D modelling environment from which automatic analysis, design and drafting is provided for the engineer.

DGR’s Orion training covers these and much more

  • Model Generation : You will learn to use interactive menu-driven model generation with simultaneous 3D display 2D & 3D graphic generation using the tools and utilities that enables you model and generate complex structural models 
  • Model Verification : You will learn 2D/3D verification of failed members of the structure like beams, columns and floors on screen as well as on plotter/printer Full 3D shapes for frames, elements Isometric or any rotations for full 3D viewing 
  • Import & Export : You will learn to import your grids from architectural drawing sent to you in Auotcad format and to also export your finished details to AutoCAD for more details and Plotting


Benefit of this Training

  Trainees will learn Hands-On concept of designing structural beams/columns/slabs/footings

  Traininees will gain practical  knowledge of R.C design & anlysis

  Trainees will also gain Knowledge of Engineering Design codes, Simulation and Modeling

  Prepares Trainees for the likely situations that will arise upon getting back to project

  Exporting and Importing from Autocad will also be covered during training

  Top quality training manuals excellent reference material for continued growth in use and practical application of these software tool at work.